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SWIM SCHOOL FOR BEGINNERS Start you aquatic adventure by learning to swim at Justin's Scuba Time

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Start your aquatic adventure today by learning to swim at Justin's Scuba Time.

What Swim School Courses do we offer?

About Swim School

PADI Swim School methods are designed for students 6-months to adults. The curriculum we use is broken down into Stages; WHITE Stage, RED Stage, YELLOW Stage, BLUE Stage & GREEN Stage. The students and teachers participate in learning activities based on being comfortable with the water, perfecting their swimming techniques. 

What You'll Learn:

White Stage: Trust & Submersion

Safety Skill: Always ask permission before getting in the water. 

Swim Skill: Assisted submersion, relaxed, 5 seconds and then come up to breathe. 

Red Stage: Body Position & Air Recovery

Safety Skill: Put on a lifejacket, float on back, kick 20ft/

Swim Skill: Jump in, submerge, recover for air, roll & kick on back for 5 seconds in swimwear and regular clothes.

Yellow Stage: Forward Movement

Safety Skill: Reach or Throw ( Don't Go) and know how to call 911.

Swim Skill: Jump in, submerge, recover for air, forward movement 10 ft, change direction and return to wall in swimwear and regular clothes. 

Blue Stage: Body Rotation

Safety Skill: Tread water for 15 seconds.

Swim Skill: Jump in, submerge, recover to side slide position and kick 10ft. 

Green Stage: Integrated Movement:

Safety Skill: Survival Float and tread water for 30 second.

Swim Skill: Start in slide glide, swim freestyle 30 ft with 1-2-breathe pattern.