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STROKE SCHOOL STAGES Start your aquatic adventure by learning to swim at Justin's Scuba Time

Check out PADI Stroke School with JUSTIN'S SCUBA TIME

Start your aquatic adventure today by learning to swim at Justin's Scuba Time.

With PADI Stroke School you will learn to improve your freestyle form and also learn techniques for backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. During these lessons students will also learn the breathing patter for each stroke, racing dives, flip turns and open turns. 

What You'll Learn:

White Stage: Freestlye, Intro to Backstroke

Safety Skill: Always ask permission before getting in the water. 

Swim Skill: Swim freestyle 30ft with body stretched out and consistent form: swim 30ft of triple swtich backstroke 

Red Stage: Backstroke, Intro to Butterfly

Safety Skill: Put on a lifejacket from in the water, and kick 30ft.

Swim Skill: Swim 30 ft backstroke with straight arm recovery, body roll and good arm and body extension; perform arm down pulsing for 15 ft.

Yellow Stage: Butterfly

Safety Skill: Scenario assist and know when and how to call 911. 

Swim Skill: Swim 4 strokes butterfly with only one breath, then remainder of pool freestyle. 

Blue Stage: Breaststroke

Safety Skill: Discuss the Starfish safety concepts

Swim Skill: Swim 30ft breaststroke with good timing and extension. 

Green Stage: Endurance

Safety Skill: Tread water or survival float for 2 minutes.

Swim Skill: Swim freestyle 50 yards; swim backstroke 50 yards; swim 25 yards butterfly; swim 50 yards breaststroke; perform freestyle and backstroke flip turns and butterfly and breaststroke open turns,