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Can You Balance School And Swim?

Can you balance school and swim? Here are some tips and tricks for making school and swimming work: Take Advantage of Car Time If you have a long ride to and from swim lessons, use the time spent in the car to do homework. Swim […]

Makayla & Summer

Welcoming two more swim instructors to our team! Makayla and Summer are here helping us with our extra full summer classes. Both of these girls learned how to swim when they were 5 years old! Makayla(pictured left) has been swimming in the Stockton city swim […]

4th Of July Lake Swimming

Weekend at the lake?! With the Fourth of July approaching and it being an extra hot weekend, we know that most people’s first thought is to get in the water! Whether it be in a pool, a lake or the ocean, everyone wants in. Holidays […]

John Ryan Swimmer Of July

SWIMMER OF THE MONTH Congratulations to John Ryan on being our July swimmer of the month! It has been one year since John Ryan's first swim lesson at Justin's Scuba Time in July 2018. There is never a dull moment when John Ryan is in our […]


Welcoming Rebecca to Justin's Scuba Team!!!Rebecca is joining Suzy and Derek in the pool this summer as our newest swim instructor. When she is not here teaching our students, Rebecca is working hard at American River College to become a Marine biologist. Her passion for […]