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Happy New Year Welcome 2020

We remember the wonderful experiences in swim school lessons from 2019 and are lookingforward to creating new and exciting experiences for swimmers in 2020. We will be runningswim team clinics to refresh swimmers techniques so watch for the clinic dates and times.Our January swim school […]

Keep Active /keep Fit/keep Moving This Holiday Season

Begin some new active holiday traditions this year. Start BEFORE the New Year’s Resolutionstrend comes.We indulge in Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, and leftovers, Christmas and Holidayparties and dinners....so it’s very important to Keep active/Keep fit/Keep moving.Staying active during the holidays takes significantly more effort than […]

Tartan & Sine

Congratulations to these brothers, Tartan and Shine on being our December swimmers of the month! Tartan started swimming with us in 2017 when he was 6 years old. While Shine was doing open swim with their dad at the time, Tartan was moving along within our star program and […]

Thanksgiving Break Day Camp

While the kids have a week break from school for Thanksgiving, we know that most parents do not get to enjoy the same week off from work. So what are the kids going to do? If they stay home all day they will build up […]

November = Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for this year?It’s amazing how many ordinary things in our everyday routines are things or people we are verygrateful for.Focus your attention on who or what you are grateful for each day and soon you will be amazedhow much more joy […]