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5 Tips For Swim Parents

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 26 Feb, 2021

Follow these tips, and it will make a major difference in your child’s progress!

1. Attend Class Consistently

Regular attendance is the foundation of progress. When your child attends his/her scheduled class consistently, both the coach and swimmer are more in tune with learning, and it shows in quicker results!

 2. Practice Outside of Lessons

Practice constantly. In the bath is a perfect time and place to practice holding breath, going underwater, blowing bubbles, and even starfish! Some of our students practice on their living room floor by teaching their younger siblings to starfish. Or try jumping off the couch and pretending it’s the pool, just remember toes on the edge just like your coaches always say!

3. Set Goals

Dream big! Helping your swimmer achieve their next star is always our goal! Having a copy of our star chart helps you and your swimmer see what needs to be done in order to move on to the next level. For every star, you get a sticker and if you get 2 stars in one class you get a coach’s prize!

 4. Don’t Give Up!

Sometimes it may seem as though your child has taken a few steps back. This is a natural part of the learning process. It is important that you remain positive and consistent, and don’t allow them to give up. Reinforce the goals that were established at the beginning of the process.

 5. Swim Throughout the Year

Aside from promoting overall health and fitness, keeping your child swimming year-round is the best way to sustain their confidence in the water and reduce the risk of drowning. Year-round swimmers retain a healthy respect for water safety and build skills way beyond those of seasonal swimmers.

Remember, as a swim parent, you serve a vital role in your swimmer’s success. Your attitude toward a swim program, a swim coach, and your child’s attendance are all factors in their success. Learning to swim is a challenging yet rewarding investment. When it comes right down to it, learning to swim is a life skill that can actually save a life.

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