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Swimmers Of February

Swimmer Of The Month SBalderston COMMENTS 28 Jan, 2021

Congratulations to our Monday/Wednesday 5:30 class! Nishaan in the green shirt, Issac in orange, and Waaris in black. They have all been swimming with us since 2019! All three of these boys have been working equally as hard to achieve their next star, making it hard for the coaches to choose only one swimmer of the month. For these boys, swimming in a group class was more beneficial than in private classes. Whether they are striving for their next star or to become faster than one another, they are working together to become better swimmers. They also became great friends and have a great time swimming with Coach Derek. These swimmers have been working their way through our starboard since day one. Isaac and Waaris have four stars on swim while Nishaan is close behind them with three stars. Keep up the great work boys! 

How many Stars do you have? Issac & Waaris: 4 stars on swim. Nishaan: 3 stars on swim

How long have you been swimming? Issac: since he was 6months old. Waaris: 3 years old. Nishaan: 2 years old.

What is your favorite thing to do at free time? Issac: Motorcycles! Waaris: flippers. Nishaan: kickboard

What is your favorite after swim snack? Issac: goldfish. Waaris: apples and pears. Nishaan: apples!

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