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Swimmer Of The Month SBalderston COMMENTS 05 Jan, 2021

Congratulations to Rosalba on being our swimmer of January! We choose our swimmers of the month based on their progress, good attitude, and willingness to become the best swimmer they can be. Rose has come a long way in a short time swimming with us at Justin's. When she first started swimming with us, she was afraid to jump into the pool, now jumping in is one of her favorite things to do during free time! Rose has quickly passed all swim levels and is now working on stroke with coach Christian. She is ready for harder strokes like butterfly and breaststroke. You go, girl!

What level of swim are you? 5 stars on swim, onto stroke now.
What is your favorite stroke? Backstroke
How long have you been swimming? 4 months
What is your favorite thing to do at free time? Jump in
And what is your favorite after swim snack? Fruit snacks </article>
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