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Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 05 Jan, 2021

At Justin’s, we use our starboard as a way for us and for you to track each student's progress. A star is given when a swimmer passes a level and is ready for the next one. Every student starts off on “Swim”, this level will teach the fundamentals of swimming, Like how to float on their back which is a main safety skill, and how to safely jump into the water. After successfully learning to roll to breathe and move with consistency through the water, students will earn their 5th green star moving them onto “Stroke”.  This will teach your students to do all strokes starting with freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and then butterfly. To receive the 5th green star on stroke, swimmers will be tested on endurance. They will start off with a racing dive and complete two laps of all four strokes with the appropriate turns, i.e. open turn or flip turn. 


While your students move their way across the starboard, it is important to celebrate the small victories. Throughout the swim lessons, you will hear our coaches always yelling with excitement, cheering for your kids to keep going, don’t give up, and of course “HOORAY YOU DID IT!” Even if they did not earn a star for the day, we still try to celebrate the small steps because we know it will lead to big things! Celebrating the small things helps motivate your child to keep going and builds self-confidence. We can’t help but beam with pride when they achieve new skills because there’s no greater feeling than watching that wave of accomplishment wash over their faces in the form of a smile that says, “Look at me, mom! I did it!”

When our swimmers earn a star, they get a sticker from the front desk, when our swimmers earn 2 stars in one lesson they will get to choose a special prize from our prize box!


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