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Peyton, Olivia, & Gerarde

Swimmer Of The Month SBalderston COMMENTS 19 Nov, 2020

Congratulations to Peyton, Olivia, and Gerarde on being our swimmers of the month! These kids don't let winter weather keep them away from the pool. Their love of swimming developed when they first started swimming at Justin's in June of this year. They were one of the first families to get back in our pool after reopening. Although Olivia says she gets too cold on the way home from swim lessons, Peyton enjoys swimming in the winter months and even wishes she could swim while it's snowing! That does sound like a lot of fun Peyton! All three of these kids have improved so much over the few months they have been swimming with us! The most important thing they have all learned is that they are not afraid of the water anymore! Way to go, Peyton, Olivia, and Gerarde!!

What level of swim are you on? Gerard has 4 stars on swim. Peyton and Olivia both have 2 stars on stroke.

What is your favorite swim technic /stroke? G: diving. P: diving. O: Backstroke

How long have you been swimming? All 3 kids first started swimming after being enrolled at Justin's in June 2020

What is your favorite thing to do at free time? G: Freeze tag. P: cannon balls O: Freeze tag

What is your favorite after swim snack? G: Oreo ice cream and gumballs! P: Sour patch kids, onion rings, and Pepsi! O: Hot Cheetos

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