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Updated Protocol

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 01 Jul, 2020

Justin’s ScubaTime, Inc
Swim School Update
Thank you for enrolling your child in our swim school.
Things may be slightly different as we follow the Covid-19 CDC, State, and local guidelines and
mandates. One thing remains constant:
 Please do not bring swimmers in with ANY symptoms of Covid-19.
 There will be a health declaration to fill out and return the first day of classes.
 We need to social distance in the classroom so please only ONE parent/caretaker per
 Stay in your vehicle until just before your class begins.
 Watch for a sign that says your CLASS TIME and COME IN NOW that will be posted
just under the OPEN sign next to the door.
 We are not allowing changing clothes prior to the lessons.
 Please wear a face mask while in the store.
 Students shall be escorted directly to the pool.
 Instructors will position each student to a socially distancing “spot” on the deck.
 We have limited class sizes to accommodate less contact.
 We strongly discourage the use of our loaner goggles.
 Classroom occupancy will be drastically limited due to social distancing but we will be
providing access to 2 TV’s where you can view the pool class in action.
 Parents, help us quickly exit students at the end of the lesson.
 After your child showers, some can exit via the classroom and some can exit via the east
end door by the women’s restroom. Our hope is to separate the entry and exit of
Thank you for your patience during this unusual time. If you have any questions concerning this
Covid-19 protocol please call Julie at Justin’s Scuba Time 209-851-2928

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