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Let's Party!!!

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 30 Apr, 2020

While you may not be able to throw the bash you had planned, there's no reason to skip the festivities altogether. If you or someone you love has a birthday or graduation coming up, plan one of these virtual party ideas you can do at home. From sending your friend a special dessert to hosting a party via video chat, there are plenty of ways to make their day special. And when this pandemic ends — and it will end — you'll have every excuse to throw the biggest, baddest party of all time. Consider renting out Justin's Scuba Time pool for a "covid-over" party to gather all of your friends and family!

  • A great way to support your local businesses in these hard times is by ordering delivery. Choose a local bakery or a restaurant with stellar desserts and send something sweet like a cake, cookies, or fro-yo.
  • The only way to improve upon a traditional snail-mail card is to make it interactive. Use a service like Tribute to create a personalized video montage. Ask friends and family to record their birthday wishes or congratulation and Tribute will put them together and mail the guest of honor a video card (it's like a traditional audio card that also has a thin video screen). The gift is sure to be a keepsake for years to come.
  • Set up a meeting on Zoom and invite all your friends for a virtual get together. The video quality on Zoom is impeccable and you can see each participant's face in a simple grid view. Want to make a virtual surprise birthday? Tell the guest of honor to sign on a little later than everyone else and sing "Happy Birthday" when they log on.
  • Have a HOUSEPARTY! Join this free app and host live games with video chat. Invite family and friends and take part in trivia, charades, and more. Just make sure you have a full phone battery so the fun can keep on going.
  • I am sure you have heard of drive-by birthday parties! They have become the most popular form of celebration while social distancing! Having the birthday guest or graduate upfront and center while all their friends and family drive by honking, waving, and even tossing gifts out the window! You could step it up a notch by asking the participants to decorate their car with balloons, posters, or window paint!

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