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Elijah N.

Swimmer Of The Month SBalderston COMMENTS 26 Feb, 2020


Congratulations to Elijah on being our swimmer of March! Elijah started swimming with us in May 2018! And wow, has he come a long way! He may be a little shy but he is one of our top swimmers! Quickly passing all of our swim skills, and has worked extra hard to pass all of our stroke levels as well! This guy is ready for the swim team this summer! We would also like to be the first to wish Elijah an early Happy 8th Birthday from all of us at Justin's Scuba Time!

What level of swim are you on? Passed all swim and stroke levels

What is your favorite stroke? Freestyle

How long have you been swimming? 2 years at Justin's Scuba Time

What is your favorite thing to do at free time? Diving

& What is your favorite after swim snack? Drumstick ice cream cones! 

Elijah would like to tell all of his swim friends to.. "Keep trying to reach the stars. always do your best each practice."

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