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Sofia C

Swimmer Of The Month SBalderston COMMENTS 29 Jan, 2020

Congratulations to Sofia on being our February swimmer of the month! Sofia is 6 years old now and started swimming at Justin's in May 2018. We love her enthusiasm and positive energy when she comes to our pool! When walking into the classroom she always has a smile on her face with her favorite bunny, Hoppy. She never forgets to ask about new strokes and how she can improve on the more difficult aspects of these strokes. Sophia has great potential to become an even better swimmer, keep up the hard work!

What is your swim level? First star on stroke!

What is your favorite stroke? Freestyle

How long have you been swimming? Since 3yrs old

What is your favorite this to do at free time? Practice driving

And what is your favorite after swim snack? Yogurt dunkers

Sofia wants to remind her friends to keep trying their best so they can get on stroke just like her!


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