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Resolution Smesolution...but That’s Just Me

Swim Jmeath COMMENTS 17 Dec, 2019

The new year is almost here. Heck, the new decade is almost here. Time for people to start buying those goofy 2020 glasses to wear during the New Year’s Celebrations…And time for people to get ready to make those New Year’s Resolutions.

There doesn’t seem to be any single historical beginning to the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. It seems that starting a new year with a clean slate is the time humans have decided is the most opportune for making a change. Both Babylonians and Romans made promises to their gods at the start of a new year thousands of years ago.

I’m certainly not one to make a New Year’s Resolution. Hence the title of this blog. As far as I can recall, I’ve never made a New Year’s Resolution. Personally, I think it’s best to make a change in life when the time is right as opposed to a date on the calendar.

Then again, what the heck do I know. There are studies that show people who make a New Year’s Resolution are more likely to succeed than people who make a resolution to change something at some other time during the year (granted there are also studies that show just the opposite).

If you happen to be one of the people making a New Year’s Resolution this year, I wish you all the best. I also have some suggestions to help you succeed:

1) Make your resolution one that is attainable. Think in terms of a To Do List. It always feels good to check things off a list, so its better to make a bunch of easily attainable goals rather than one goal that will take a long time to reach.

2) Think Objectively and not Subjectively. A subjective resolution would be to lose weight. An objective goal would be to lose a pound a week.

3) Accountability is key. Tell friends. Tell family. Join social groups. Encourage them to ask you about your progress towards achieving your goal.

4) Know your why. Why are you resolving to make this change in your life? Your reason why is your foundation for enduring towards success in achieving your goal. Write it down. Post it as a routine reminder.

5) Keep track of your progress. Keep a log. Write notes in a diary. Take pictures. We can often feel as though we are not improving over time, which becomes discouraging. During those times when you begin to feel discouraged, looking back at where you started can be the encouragement you need.

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