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Happy New Year Welcome 2020

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 16 Dec, 2019

We remember the wonderful experiences in swim school lessons from 2019 and are looking
forward to creating new and exciting experiences for swimmers in 2020. We will be running
swim team clinics to refresh swimmers techniques so watch for the clinic dates and times.
Our January swim school session starts on the 6th. Get registered NOW!
Please join us for lessons this new year and BRING A FRIEND!
Swim lessons aren't just for the kids:
Hopefully on your New Year’s list of resolutions is to have more fun. There couldn’t be a better
way to have more fun than to add swimming or diving into your life. Many vacations are planned
around water activities. Are you an adult who is not comfortable in the water? Take a session of
private lessons with Justin’s Scuba Time and change that discomfort to FUN. Winter is the best
time of the year to take lessons with us! Our indoor heated pool is comfortable and the sessions
aren't as full as during the summertime.
Learn First Aid and CPR in 2020:
We encourage everyone to be CPR trained! If you were having a heart attack wouldn’t you like a trained person to respond? I would. We provide Red Cross certified classes as well as non-certified. Our goal is to get many more people trained to respond! Make it fun; bring friends and family to a class. Give us a call to schedule.

Lifeguard training:
If you know an adult or a teenager 15 + who is interested in becoming Lifeguard certified then
send them our way. We will be teaching Lifeguard classes several times during 2020. Get on
the list and be ready to SAVE A LIFE! (great part-time job opportunity too) .
Justin, Julie, Joe, Suzy, Derek, Rebecca, and Summer all wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We hope your year 2020 will be filled with excitement and fun. Julie

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