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Keep Active /keep Fit/keep Moving This Holiday Season

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 18 Nov, 2019

Begin some new active holiday traditions this year. Start BEFORE the New Year’s Resolutions
trend comes.
We indulge in Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinner, and leftovers, Christmas and Holiday
parties and dinners....so it’s very important to Keep active/Keep fit/Keep moving.
Staying active during the holidays takes significantly more effort than at other times of the year,
but is certainly an achievable goal. Start mapping out your holiday fitness plan now so you’ll be
fully prepared to work through the hectic times ahead.
One of the best ways to keep moving during the holidays is to involve the whole family in your
activities. So instead of passing out on the couch in a food coma after Christmas dinner, gather
everyone in the yard or driveway for touch football, basketball, capture the flag, Red Rover, or
other games. Seasonal recreations such as ice skating and sledding are suitable for all ages
and are also fantastic ways to get the heart pumping.
TIME !! Head on over and swim in the pool with the family or just get the kids in for some playtime. We offer open swim time for $5. a person for 1 hour all year round. Take advantage of the
indoor heated pool. Call ahead to check availability.
Make these activities a new holiday tradition to look forward to every year. Great way to have
family fun while also providing time to KEEP ACTIVE/KEEP FIT/KEEP MOVING!
Hope to see YOU in the pool......Julie


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