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November = Thanksgiving

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 31 Oct, 2019

What are you thankful for this year?
It’s amazing how many ordinary things in our everyday routines are things or people we are very
grateful for.
Focus your attention on who or what you are grateful for each day and soon you will be amazed
how much more joy will fill each day.
At Justin’s Scuba Time Swim School the children bring us much joy, light, and laughter. To see
a child progress from fear to joy in the pool brings out enthusiastic WOO HOO’s from everyone.
Each swim school class becomes a small family unit so each advancement is cheered and each
struggle receives encouragement. The instructors work hard to earn trust from each child and
build their comfort level in the pool and their confidence in learning a new skill.
We can all be positive influences for others:
Love unconditionally, be a source of comfort, build healthy habits and healthy relationships.
Watch for the smiles and grateful reflections.
So, what are you thankful for this year?
WE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOU!! Now, go have that piece of pumpkin pie...... Julie

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