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Micheal And Melody

Swimmer Of The Month SBalderston COMMENTS 25 Jul, 2019

We are excited about August's swimmers of the month! Congratulations to these siblings, Micheal and Melody! They both have been working extra hard to earn their stars. What a joy these two bring to our pool, always caring and kind. Micheal is a hard worker and dedicates himself to his goals, which is always to earn more stars! Melody is working hard on learning to swim by herself, all while encouraging her friends to try their best too. 

Here is our interview with Micheal and Melody:

What is your swim level? Mike-Stroke Mel-Second swim star

What is your favorite swim technique? Mike-Freestyle Mel-Starfish

How long have you been swimming? Here since Christmas but now they have their own pool!

What is your favorite pool game? Mike- Sharks and minnows Mel- Red light green light

& What is your favorite after swim snack? Mike-lemon cookies Mel-red tic-tacs 

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