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Can You Balance School And Swim?

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 24 Jul, 2019

Can you balance school and swim?

Here are some tips and tricks for making school and swimming work:

Take Advantage of Car Time

If you have a long ride to and from swim lessons, use the time spent in the car to do homework. Swim practice will tire your kids out, making it hard to get homework done. If at all possible, have your kids get their homework done while they’re in the car. That way you’ll have the rest of the evening to eat dinner, relax and play.

Use Incentives

Encourage your children with incentives for their good behavior and achievements. This means that you might offer additional screen time when your child completes their homework or earns another star in swim school. Other incentives might include offering your child a favorite meal or doing a particular activity on the weekend.

Teach Organizational Skills

Depending on the age of your child, teaching them to manage a calendar or schedule can help them take responsibility for their schoolwork and swimming commitments. Show them how to write in lessons. Then, remind them to write in due dates for school assignments. This will help your child get a visual representation of their responsibilities and plan out when they’ll complete schoolwork.

Other organizational skills that you can teach are more practical, such as hanging up their swimsuits to dry after each swim class or always packing their backpack for school before going to bed. Teaching your child good organizational habits will help avoid those last-minute “I can’t find my towel!” emergencies.

Is It Worth It?

Playing sports can teach children many valuable lessons that school simply cannot. From teamwork to self-esteem, the value of exercise and time management, there are many benefits gained from participating in both school and swimming at the same time. So, while things might be stressful and a bit busy at times, if your child is passionate about swimming, it’s worthwhile to support your child participating in the activity.

Yes, your child might not be happy about the choice every moment of every day. But, with some good organization and planning, you can ensure that your household runs smoothly, even when swimming and school are on the schedule.



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