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Summer Is Here

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 29 May, 2019

What words describe summer to you? VACATION NO SCHOOL HOT TEMPS WHAT’S THERE TO DO

Whenever those words come to your mind, follow that thought with:


June is a great month to:

1. SWIM Join our swim school classes for all ages. No matter what level your swim skills

are, we have a class for YOU. Or, just come in for some swim time in the pool during hours when there are no classes in progress.

2. PARTY Get some friends or family together and rent our pool for a swim party! It’s always more fun when we are sharing time with others. Keep in touch with us to find out when we will host our next pool party, open to all swimmers.

3. EXERCISE It’s good for your heart and your mind. Why not have fun while you are exercising: SWIM! Come alone for lap swimming or bring the family for an afternoon of fun.

4. RECOVER AND RESTORE Vacation time doesn't always mean a complicated trip somewhere. Think of just scheduling some “down time” and unplugging from your typical schedules and devices. Instead, do near home and spontaneous. Hint hint, ‘play in our pool’. VACATIONS DON’T HAVE TO BELONG, EXPENSIVE, FAR AWAY, OR EXHAUSTING. Call us if we can help you schedule some relaxing time, fun time, or exercise time in our indoor, heated pool where sunburns don’t happen.



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