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Swimmer Of The Month SBalderston COMMENTS 25 Feb, 2019



We would like to introduce our MARCH swimmer of the month: Heidi Le.

Suzy and Derek, our instructors,  say that Heidi is enthusiastic about everything! She has a great attitude even when doing the hard stuff. Heidi is a great helper to have around; she's always paying attention, and working hard. We love Heidi's determination to earn more stars as she learns new skills.


In her interview Heidi shared with us:

How long have you been swimming?  “Since August 2018”


What is your favorite stroke? “Butterfly”


What is your favorite thing to do at freetime? “ Just swim”


What is your favorite snack after swimming? “Apples”


We love working with all the students here at Justin’s Scuba Time and hope that

more and more kids and adults will join us!!

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