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Swimming For A Healthy Heart

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 31 Jan, 2019

For adults water exercise and swimming hold many benefits because it is easy on the cardiovascular system. Participants enjoy reduced heart rates, improved breathing, improved circulation and better blood pressure.

Water exercises are flexible because there are so many activities that are available aside from swimming – from just walking in the shallow to treading water in the deep end. Even small amounts of exercise in the pool for short periods of time can be advantageous for the heart. Simply floating around the pool can reduce stress.

Swimming burns more calories than walking, and water exercise is easier on knees and ankles and other joints, as the water prevents most hyperextension. There is also a lower incidence of injury from falls or missteps, as compared to land based exercises.

For children swimming is a great way to improve their cardiovascular system too. Plus exercise is necessary for overall fitness. Why not have fun while they are exercising?

February is Heart Health month and saving lives with CPR is a great topic to cover. Here at Justin’s Scuba Time we offer many classes of Red Cross certifications to non-certification classes. Talk to us about which class works best for your situation. Areas we can cover for you include: First Aid/ CPR/ AED for infants, children, adults. Or you can take just one part.

Make it a priority this month to learn CPR!! Let us schedule a class for you, your family and your friends.

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