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New Year New Goals

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 09 Jan, 2019

Do you make a New Year's resolution? It’s natural this time of year to think about new goals in the new year. As adults, we often make a resolution to do SOMETHING: Read more, exercise, eat better, spend more time together as a family. It’s also a great time to bring your family together to set some personal and family goals for the upcoming year. Here are 3 Tips on Family Goal-Setting for 2019!

Make It Fun! Let's face it: Getting kids to do something we as parents want to do isn't always easy. Try turning "task" into more of a game, challenge, competition or event that they'll want to participate in, and it's sure to be a GOLDEN experience! Start by setting a date and letting everyone know that it will be a family fun day, with time spent together dreaming and creating. Then, tell your family to start thinking about what they really want in their lives to make it better -- and not "things." Decide on how you want to celebrate the goals that are met throughout the year: A star chart? Family outing rewards? (LIKE A FAMILY SWIM DATE AT JUSTIN’S SCUBA TIME POOL?) Something else? Discuss as a family for an incentive to produce some extraordinary results by the end of the year.

Brainstorm When it comes to determining your family's New Year's Resolutions, dream big! Write down EVERYTHING you want to do, want to learn, want to stop doing -- and not just in the next year, but in your life. Even if it seems impossible. Want to learn a new language? Learn to swim? Write it down! Tell everyone to picture the best version of themselves and go from there. Include personal and family goals, such as:

  • Skills to learn
  • Places to go, near and far
  • Habits to break
  • Good characteristics to embrace
  • Things to do for others
  • Ways to be a better person
  • School and career goals
  • Improvements to life at home
  • Money-saving goals 

Narrow Things Down Now that you have a long list of all the possibilities out there, it's time to narrow it down to the ones to accomplish this year. Too many goals can be overwhelming, so we want to list the ones to focus on first. You make the rules when it comes to your family goal-setting session!

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