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Angel B.

Swimmer Of The Month SBalderston COMMENTS 02 Nov, 2021

Congratulations Angel you have earned the title of Swimmer of the Month of November! Angel started swimming with us when he was 3 years old, in February of this year. After a little help from coach Christian, Angel quickly went from no stars to five stars! Now he has 2 stars on stroke, doing freestyle and backstroke laps across the pool at only 4 years old! He continues to improve in all aspects of his swimming each lesson! Great job Angel! 

How many stars do you have? 2 stars on stroke!

What is your favorite stroke? Backstroke

How long have you been swimming? "50 seconds," he says! (10 months)

What is your favorite thing to do at free time? Race coach Christain 

What is your favorite after swim snack? Lollipop!

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