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Swimmers Of The Month

Swimmer Of The Month SBalderston COMMENTS 08 Jun, 2021

This month we have 3 pairs of siblings to congratulate! This class started with 3 friends joining one of our group classes, and now their brothers have joined in our mommy and me swim classes. Starting on the far left, we have Mia and her brother Emilio. Mia is almost 6 years old and she has 2 stars on swim. Emilio is 2 years old hopefully joining our group class one day! Next, we have Eleanor and her little brother Parker. Eleanor also has 2 stars on swim and Parker will be joining his sister in group class this month! Last but not least, Isabella and her little brother Vincenzo! Isabella is on stroke with 2 stars! With Vincenzo following her into group class starting in late August. Coincidentally all three girls have birthday's coming up in July and Vincenzo is turning 3 in August.

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