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Benefits Of Summer Swim Teams

Swim SBalderston COMMENTS 27 Apr, 2021


There are many wonderful reasons your child should participate in a summer league swim team. Our stroke school helps prepare our students for swim team year-round. Joining a swim team can give kids many benefits and be incredibly rewarding. It gives them the chance to be part of a team, build confidence, improve skills, get consistent physical activity, set and strive for goals, and have a lot of fun! The typical age for a child to join a swim team is 5-7 years old. It is a great idea to start your child out swimming young! 

Life Skill

Swim team is a fun way to teach your child a life skill. Your child learns proper mechanics, proper breathing techniques and competes in competitive length pools – and has no idea they’re learning how to save their own life!


Children on swim teams create a bond with one another. You cheer your friends on as they race. Your friends cheer you on as you race. This self-esteem booster is a great way for your kids to make new friends and strengthen relationships with existing ones.


Although swimming is usually an individual sport, swim team creates a team environment for your child to belong. Your kids receive early life lessons on how to win (and lose) as a team, how to give it their best and how to exhibit good sportsmanship.


While most kids spend their summers watching TV or playing video games, your kids will have weekly swim team practices that improve their cardiovascular fitness and helps keep them healthy. Swimming is an excellent workout since it works your whole body and is easy on the joints. Swimming is a fitness routine your child can do well into adulthood.

Swim lessons help kids prepare for summer swim team by providing individual swim lessons to improve stroke development. We can help your child gear up for the season, instill better water confidence, and feel great by the time the season rolls around.


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