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November = Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for this year?It’s amazing how many ordinary things in our everyday routines are things or people we are verygrateful for.Focus your attention on who or what you are grateful for each day and soon you will be amazedhow much more joy […]

Camila L

Congratulations to Camila on being our swimmer of November! Camila started swimming with us in 2017 and has come a long way since then! Swimming smoothly through stroke school. We enjoy hearing stories about her horse-riding competitions and hope she gets as excited when she talks about […]

Swimmers Of October

This month we couldn't just choose only one swim student. As instructors, we get excited to experience the growth of our students, with our students. That is why this time we chose 4 of our students to be our swimmers of the month! Tuesday/Thursday class at 6:15 pm […]