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Swimming For A Healthy Heart

SWIMMING FOR A HEALTHY HEART:For adults water exercise and swimming hold many benefits because it is easy on the cardiovascular system. Participants enjoy reduced heart rates, improved breathing, improved circulation and better blood pressure. Water exercises are flexible because there are so many activities that […]

Ethan & Jared

Congratulations to Jared and Ethan for being our swimmers of the month! Jared and Ethan have been swimming with us for 7 months. These brothers have worked hard to earn their stars through swim school and on to stroke. What makes these two so exceptional is […]

Heart Health Scuba

Being that February is Heart Health Month, I figured I would put together some info about heart-related issues and diving. Having a healthy heart when you're a scuba diver is extremely important especially when you consider that according to DAN (Divers Alert Network), almost a […]


Congratulations to Sarenity on being our swimmer of the month!   Before coming to Justin's, Sarenity was on a competitive swim team as a 'little' stingray and her goal was to become a Stingray. She beat her goal within her first swim session, but didn't stop there.   […]

New Year New Goals

Do you make a New Year's resolution? It’s natural this time of year to think about new goals in the new year. As adults, we often make a resolution to do SOMETHING: Read more, exercise, eat better, spend more time together as a family. It’s […]